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Default Re: lube?

I used to do it dry ALL THE TIME. The only reason why I changed (started using lube) was because it feels a whole lot better. However, I don't recommend Vaseline. It does the job; but it's very messy. Also, it soaks into your skin pretty quick and you have to keep putting more and more on as you go. The best lube I've ever used would be Lubriderm skin lotion. It lasts really long, and doesn't irritate the skin like soap or shampoo does. Lubriderm worked best for me, but any skin lotion should be okay. But Lubriderm is the best (lol... even look at it's name ).

Probably the best lube is... lube. But this lotion works great without the embarrasment (not fun to ask for KY jelly at a store ). All in all; I think you should go with whatever lube you like, just start using it. It feels ALOT better, and you'll never get rashes again!
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