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Originally Posted by discountedlarva View Post
so I am almost 14 and I masturbate, 3-5 times a week, and usually they are dry orgasms or I have what I think is Precum seep out a little before I climax. but the last time I masturbated, I precame a little and then at my climax I ejaculated a large amount of clear fluid, which I think is odds because I only have a couple large pubic hairs... so can someone explain what all this is and tell me how far along I am in puberty and what to expect? thanks

You sound right on track for average stage of puberty. Most guys start being able to ejaculate around 13 or 14, but some have reported cumming for the first time as early as 11 or 12, which makes my next point- pubic hair isnt really directly related to being able to ejaculate. Some guys can get a full bush and not be able to cum yet while others have no hair and can cum. I am sure you will start getting hair down there soon.

Precum comes out before an orgasm and ejaculation, so that sounds like what you are getting. And you definitely had a full ejaculation from what you said. The clear fluid that came out during orgasm is still semen, but just not fully developed. It will turn whiter as you get older. Good luck and enjoy your "new" found fun! Also, being that you are still developing, you may not be able to ejaculate every time but if you only do it every few days you may not have a problem.


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