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Default Re: Right now... life sucks

It made sense to me, and I sort of understand what your life is like. i cant imagine how it feels about your dad but im continualy being called a "fukin freak" and a "gay twat", an outcast like you said. Life sucks, but dont give up. Try taking up a few instuments, have one or two exams in music a year, something to focus on. try getting a rubiks cube or a puzzle such as the type of puzzle where you need to remove a metal ring with only logic and determination. All these things in your life you hate make the world go 'round, where would the chavs and gangsters be without all this conflict? just stay strong. Gosh.. if you think you ramble you shuld see mee someties.. i can go on and on for hours.. im a talkative but shy person, let me get to know someone and ill chat and chat fr hours on end. try just talkin to ne of your good friends, just rambling on and on... and you could always just tell him/her about how you feel about your life. it helps, trust me. without anyone to talk to id be so much weaker and self concious on the inside than i am now, i keep my head down when i walk past people, i let a 7 year old use me as a punchbag, dont let it happen, dont let yourself go down this path. just stand up and say "This is who i am, and if you dnt like it, bugger off.", of course I could NEVER do that... im too scared of socialising ect. anyway, ill stop the ramblings here. hope i helped

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