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Default Re: Global Warming

i really worry about it we have three houses and two garages and i switched all the light bulbs to the energy efficient ones we turn our lights off and we use solar lights in our yard instead of wired
we have high efficiency furnaces and hot water tanks
but at the same time my dad has a f350 diesel i have a v8 expedition etc....
I want a hybrid vehicle but i need an SUV where i live on the roads here
the new escapes nice but i dont have like 30grand laying around my truck i have now is paid for...
Plus in the winter when its -40c out i admit it i start my truck and i let it idle for awhile to make sure the engine and cabins warmed up before i risk the open highway

There building a nuclear power plant by where i live so thats cool no green house gasses and ALLOT less gas used to make the steam needed for the tar sands
Its going to be a brand new design one of the most advanced in North America

Southern Alberta has more wind mills than any other province in Canada
My dad really wants to get one for here a small one for in our yard a guy in town has one it works awesome

I really care for any worry about the envi
but unless ur filthy rich
you can't always be green

and to be honest for the most part
greenpeace annoys the fuck outta me
i like them annoying the japanese whalers n stuff
but shit like there doing in the great lakes is unacceptable


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