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no problem!

about UKIP (i usally say U-KIP!!), if they got enough of their way, i think that things for both the UK and Ireland and for France would be awkward!

see for me in ireland, i have to pay extra for p&p, and then convert currencys to buy something on the internet from england. if england pull out of the EU, things would be MUCH more awkard for us.

and then northern ireland, one half of the island would be in the EU, the other not. even if there was a free trade aggreement or shit, it would still casue problems. and similar problems in france (from the channel tunnel)

Robert Kilroy-Silkh MEP (ex UKIP Member, now leader of Varitas) is most likly to get in, cos he was a tv personality. i do feel that alot of his opinions are very true, but i think he says too much for his own good.

i'll have another election update this evening.

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