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Default Re: What the hell should I do?

Originally Posted by EmotionalMeltdown09 View Post
Indeed. He may just like messing around and being goofy with his friends more than being with his girlfriend, there's no way of knowing if he acts that way because of his sexuality. I'm sure you can find some open guys that you can date
I cant move on from this to date someone else its not a petty crush he is always on my mind every second thought is about him. It hurts inside so deep. I cant stop staring at him during class and I feel like braking down whenever im not with him, To put it in retropect for u, I have attempted suecide mainly because of this. And one last thing I forgot to add. Once his mates saw the note they said to stop picking on him, This confused me I have no idea why they said this. I just need to know more about him he barely talks although he is VERY obcervent. Even talking about this now brings me to tears.
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