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i dont want to go off topic, but WTF ARE YOU SAYING!! BIRTIE, MARY AND BRIAN SUCK COCK!

do you want me to start the reason why fianna fail suck? (retorical question)
1) GV Wright TD (Dublin North, where i am), ran a woman over. she currently is still unable to walk, but he gave a shitty apology and was let off scot-free

2) Ray Burke, biggest asshole! he just lied constantly, but he may be in jail, but fianna fail still is in power

3) Jim McDaid, remember the other week. Drink Driving. But Birtie is insisting him to stay

4) No national day of mourning for the Pope, but there was one for 9/11

5) The A&E crises (enough said)

and the list could continue.

get those 3 fat bastards out of government and get a socolist or left wing party in!!

back to britain, one day left. and according to the
BBC ( there are demands to lower the voting age to 16! That would be good, as the younger generation can have their say, as when they are 18, they may be already in college and they have old-folks making decisions for them, when most 16 y/os can them selevs!!!

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