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Default Shot In The Dark

Shot in the dark from the gun you kept in your dressers top drawer; someone once told me the bullet wasn't meant for me. Laying on your bathroom floor, I prayed that no one had heard that dreadful *BANG* that put that bullet through my head. I never meant to do this, it was an accident, I swear; the words I try to tell you as you rush in, screaming and begging it not to be so. The ambulance won't get here fast enough, the thoughts seep out in one undesipherable slur. The blaring sirens can't cover the screaming and crying around my body, turning cold and blue.

I don't know why I chose that night, the night before we were to be wed; the first in our town for a marriage like ours. You held my hand before they pulled me away, trying to save a life that wasn't thiers to save; playing god was my bit, not theirs. They tried and tried, the bullet was too deep and I had lost too mcuh blood; 11:11 was my pronounced time of death. Our wedding would hold our funerals, for seconds after you heard... you decided you couldn't live without me.

They layed our coffins side by side, identical in every way. My wedding gown seemed morbid, no longer beautiful as it once should have been; you're tuxedo fitting for anyone other than you. I wanted to tell everyone not to cry, as my spirit sat next to the coffins, head laid on your shoulder. I couldn't tell you how many times I apologzied for that night. Here is our wedding day, our death day, our day to be toghether. No one talked down on us, and the traitors cried along side our family and true friends; this was the part I couldn't stand.

The people left, the cars drove away, the coffins were lowered and burried; they say we died before our time. They carved a statue out of marble, placed there a few weeks later. We sat on our tombs, holding hands and just being happy being together. Every now and then someone we knew would walk by, aged and always with tears in their eyes. They grew old and joined us, but they went on and passed by, going their ways, while we always stayed. We will always stay.

Born and Died


On the day of their wedding--

Til death do you part

Now that we're done, I'm so sorry
Why did I lie, I'm so sorry
I know I hurt you
I know I hurt you
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