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Default Re: what do girls like at the end?

Originally Posted by mtime View Post
alright i was wondering when a guy is about to cum at the end of sex what do girls want? like do they want a guy to cum in the condom, or like on them? i think they would like in the condom better, but the only thing about that is, how in world tell them oh wait i just cummed, we have to stop.that would be weird to me.
This is an example of 'Why i think porn isn't such a good idea'. People do all kinds of things during sex, for sure, and what 2 consenting adults agree to is ok, but in most porn movies the guy comes out at the end and ejaculates all over the woman, for effect, that's probably why you're asking this question.
But, you have to realize that they do that to show you the jizz, it's about entertainment. I dont think it's a generally accepted expectation in 'real life' that guys do this with their girls. You can, of course, but I think it's generally not the typical thing that happens.

I agree that the condom stays on the whole time. After ejaculation it's important to grasp the base of the penis thru the condom and gently but firmly pull out, to hold all the semen in the condom.
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