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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by benskeez View Post
masturbating with a condom is loads of fun, especially if you coat it in vaseline and slide your arm up and down your shaft and the cum fills in a nob thingo.
I have to mention, NEVER use vaseline if you're using a condom to have sex.

Vaseline and other Oil-based Lubes like Petroleum Jelly chemically react with Latex in condoms causing them to break, quite often.

Originally Posted by garrettu View Post
If you can't masturbate for a while then where does all the cum go that your body produces?
Semen is always stored in varying areas like the seminal vesicles ready to be used. After use they are built up again. If the sperm die or get too old your body is constantly making new ones so they are simply re-absorbed for nutrients. Sperm are always stored in your epididymis.

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