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Default What the hell should I do?

Well this is very complicated so I'll give u the simpilar version. I am a 13 year old boy and I know for a fact I am gay its not a phase or anything like that so please dont post about it. The reason I am posting is because I done something very foolish.
I told someone else I was gay and he said he was gay. We both like the same person. He said that he thinks Nathan, The boy we like, is gay. Which to be honest I am not sure of. He never seems happy or even comfortable around his girlfriend. He pretends to have anal sex with his best friend, infront of everyone. He looks alot happier then, and back to the point he saw a note that said Sam (The boy i told) 4 Nathan and looked embarrassed but not necessaraly sickened. So this is why i done the same thing but I didnt write it. So that if it backfired i could say that it wasnt my handwriting. Once it was handed over someone else seen it and started shouting at me, and then lots of people started shouting at me. I denied it of course. I convinced them I never done it because of the handwriting difference. But the whole idea of doing it was so We could pick up more signs to see if he was gay. But i never got the chance to see any reaction he just looked alert. so what should i do?
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