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Question Beach Party Problems

Okay, well I was at a beach party last night, with incoming 7 and 8 graders. (Im going to 7 grade)So me and my friends were dancing. I started moving away from them and danced alone for a minute. Then a girl(eighth grade) I didnt know came up behind me and put her body against me and started dancing. I thought it was a guy messing around, but when I turned around it was a girl. I walked away angrily from her, to my friends. She and her friends started giggling and walked away. Then 20 min. later she came up to my best friend and did it to him too. He thought it was some guy messing around also. So when he turned around he was shocked. Then I told him my story. I dont want to report it, but it's weird. I dont know anything about her, or what she looks like.

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