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Default Re: OCD Help! Not sure if I have it.

Originally Posted by Trail.Blazer View Post
Everyone has something they are OCD about, even the most disorganized people. But you are only actually diagnosed with OCD if you have an above average case of it. Most likely, you do not have it, but don't trust anything you read online. It may be telling you the wrong thing. Go to your docotr and ask him for some real life OCD tests. they cna give you a proper diagnosis.
Not everyone has OCD, they have very small things that are OCD. Say your hanging up pictures and one is uneven and it bothers you, that's not really OCD that's called being a perfectionist. You can trust things you read online, but only from trusted sites. WebMD is a great site to look up OCD. But the o ly true way to determine if your OCD or not is to talk to a therapist. The second best way is to talk with someone who has OCD themselves. I have OCD but haven't been medically examined, someone I talked with said that it sounds exactly like OCD, and she would make an educated guess that I have it. Having OCD really isn't fun, there is no average case of OCD. If it were average, it would be average for people who actually have it, not people who don't have it. Examples of OCD are doing rituals. Where you have to repeat doing something or else you get anxiety. Also, how in the world can you say someone has OCD or not!? Are you a doctor or do you have it yourself? Having OCD can be hidden from your closest friends or family. They might get little hints here or there. What this OP says, is 2 sentences long. Here is a good site to look at what it is and what the symptoms are, and here is a great site to ask questions.

As I said, medically, I have not been evaluated, but I have asked many, many people who ACTUALLY have the disorder. Each and every one of them (I've asked about 8 people) have said, I have very strong symptoms of it, and about half of those people say they definitely think I have it. To name just some of my ACTUAL OCD RITUALS, WHICH NOT EVERYONE HAS, is whenever I turn on a light, I have to turn it on/off 5x and each time I hit the light on and off it has to make a sound, and I have to hit the light a certain way as well as a certain hardness (like hitting it at a certain strength). If I don't do it right the first 5x, I have to do it again, and do it again, then again. The rituals of which are my numbers are, 3, 5, and 15. Then the volume on a tv has to be on a certain number (which a lot of people have to, too). Also, if I've used the stove or opened the door, sometimes I'll recheck, then I go up, I feel anxiety, so I'll recheck again, and I do that about 5x, ever since I was a little kid. Checking it once or twice wasn't good enough, I would recheck 5-8x, and I would even be late to school (walking distance)cause I'd check so much. I also have mild germaphobia, there are other things I do, but I won't mention.

So, to me, that doesn't sound like just anyone would have OCD
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