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Smile Happyness is the world

This is for everyone feeling depressed.

I have felt what its like to seem like you have hit rock bottom. I know whats its like to feel like everyone you know hates you. I have felt the pain of losing friends and family. I will admit some of you have taken harder things than I have, but there is always a way out. You just need to stand up and say to yourself that you are bigger than your problem. What I have found is the best thing to do is find a spot thats out in the open, a spot thats out in the sun. Stand or sit in that spot and just look around you. Try and look past what you know about the area and try and look at what you don't know. Look at the sky look at the trees look at everything peaceful. For example look at a tall building and think wow, people built that massive piece of metal and glass. Look at at tree and think of the millions of cells that the tree is made up of. When you see something that really makes you think, smile and you will feel way better. Stay out of dark areas and look at bright things.

This will work if you do it right.

Remember, you are bigger than your problem.

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