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Default Re: Help Please! Balls Dropping...

Originally Posted by jonny123 View Post
thanks, but when you are going through puberty your balls grow and descend more, should it hurt when they are growing because my left one kills at the min lol and im wondering whether i should make an appointment to the health centre or not.???
Well did you get kicked there or something? Is there anything you can remember doing that might have hurt them at all? Maybe you might just have blue balls, and then you wouldn't have to worry about it. A while ago I went to an amusement park and for three days my balls felt like they had been kicked (this had never happened to me before on rides)! But then I thought about my time there. I was there for three days with a friend (we stayed in a trailer we rented outside the park) and we saw ALOT of pretty girls there (some even checked US out ) and I tell ya, I felt a bunch of sexual tension! I think I just had blue balls since I had gotten so aroused and was unable to masturbate for those three days (since he was in a bunk bed directly above me; no chance was I gonna risk getting caught! Besides, my PARENTS were in the very next room!).

So yeah... that might be it. Don't worry about going to the doctor unless the pain lasts for more than a few days, or if they change colour. 'Cause that would be bad .
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