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Default Re: On this page I write my last confession

u r acting selfish, but come on...ur not really like that. and ur just 17. u have ur hole life ahead of u. slut buhnwhallah (or w/e) is right. it would tear apart your family. im cut, and thought about suicide myself.
call 1-800-suicide i've never called a hotline like this, but i know they work. if u kill urself im sure that it will tear apart the lives of ur freinds and family. and me and im sure that everyone else on VT will feel that they helped cause this, and they failed you. u may want a different life, or no life for that matter, but think about your family.
also, those people u said u still love... its ok. they just werent the right person. when my gf broke up with me, i wasnt sad. i just remained very close friends with her. try to find someone else, and maybe try to be friends with them. if listening to music, or writing poetry, or writing music, or reading, or anything makes u happy, do that. call 911, and tell them ur going to kill urself. they will put u into a hospital where u can get meds to help u.

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