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Default Re: does anyone feel disgusted after they masturbate to porn?

Originally Posted by paki123 View Post
Like when i masturbate to porn it feels kinda gross when i see them stick their fingers in their palces. I only masturbate to like the soft pron (u know like girl on girl making out or licking the ()().) but when i masturbate using my imagination it feels better. like when i imagine having sex with another girl or getting head and i jack off to that. i feel more proud and relaxed rather than sick and uptight. anyone else like this
Some of the things they do in porn movies IS gross, so it's not surprising you'd feel grossed out or disgusted by it! That's why i've said elsewhere that the risk in looking at porn is that without the experience of really knowing what to expect with sex, you cannot tell that they are ACTING in porn, that what they do isn't necessarily reflective of what 'real' sex is like. It's not an educational video, afterall!
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