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Default Re: workouts/losing weight

Originally Posted by greenwind View Post
ok so i weight about 180,i'm 15 and 5'6"

i was wondering what kind of workout you guys do and how old and tall you are,and maybe some pointers from some fit people would help

the thing is i only eat like once a day so.....losing the weight s hard for me

all my family is tall and i'm like super short but then again so is my dad,yet my brothers are like super tall so i was wondering if working out while your going through puberty can pretty much
Dont worry about height, you'll get taller as you get older. Im 13, 5'4 and 140 pounds. For one thing, you have to eat balenced meals. A HEALTHY breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 1 or 2 snacks a day is a great way to lose weight. Not too much junk food. Just excercise (jogging, etc.) for about an hour a day. When you want to get stronger, do about 5 push ups a day for one week. Then, a week later do 10 push ups a day for a week. Do that until about 30, and then for 30 or higher a day. And most importantly, FOLLOW THROUGH! Dont quit, keep pushing for it.

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