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Default So confused! Am i doing the right thing? Please help me!

Right here goes.
Theres this girl at my school. I Love her.
She already has a boy friend.
Ive loved her for 4 and a half years now.
She knows, and we still get on well, but shes still going out with this guy.

Now this is the part where im getting confused and need help. Theres another girl, who I get on well with as a friend. She fancies me. I like her but not like that. A few weeks ago she asked me out. I was going to saya yes, but im not sure why i didnt. Somthing just didnt seem right. Wasnt 100% sure. I feel really bad about this now. I dont want to hurt her, but shes just not my type.

And theres a third girl! I think i like her. Im so confused about this im not sure though! We get on really well, and we're both single. Ive always felt something for her, since ive met her (about year and a half ago).
I want to wait until the first girl breaks up with her boyfriend but theyve been going out for 3 years! It just doesnt seem like its going ti happen!

What i want to know is should i wait, go out with the second girl who im not sure about, or ask out the third girl? I think it would work well with me and the third girl, but I just cant let go of the first girl!
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