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Guys don't have g-spots. They have a prostate... The prostate has another function(gland that produces semen), but it still feels good if you stimulate it.

Technically, the penis is originally a clit, then develops into a penis... All eggs in a female are X(female), and as the Y chromosome turns it into a male, the clit turns into a penis. Prostate isn't a G-spot, neither is the penis. The G-Spot really is inexplainable, it's just a wall in the vagina that's really attentive.

In short: Men have prostates, which make semen. Men do not have 'g-spots', although stimulating the prostate can feel good. The G-spot is just a wall in the vagina that is particularly sensitive... It has no real function, so for a man to have a g-spot, it'd have to have no other function.... Which the prostate does(wasn't so short, was it?)

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