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Default Apparently I get excited too easily?

Well... I'm kind of worried here because when me and a girl I know are "messing around" and we get a little touchy and stuff..(not complete fondling/handjob/fingering, just playful), I'll leave and notice that I feel a little wetness in the front of boxers, only to find out that apparently during the time we were messing around I had "pre-cummed" I guess thats the only thing I can think of to call's not like I orgasmed or anything, because it doesn't shoot out and it's not white, but like some clear cum kind of leaks its way out a little bit...

This had me thinking to what if I have a future girlfriend and we're about to do the real deal, and we start off groping, etc, and I already cum...then I wouldn't beable to have sex right after because I'd have to wait to make sure it's all out?

That'd be pretty lame.. -_-.. Idk what to do/think about this...
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