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urm.. im new here so if i do anything illegal im very VERY sorry. please inform me if i do anything wrong. >.<
I have a few qns, is homemade lube safe?
and if it is, how do we make it if we do not have baby oil ?
and ( i know someone asked this before, sorry for repeating the qns) do you guys use lube and wad is it made of? 0_o ( very curious )
also, ( im very very sure someone asked this before) my cum sort of dribbles out O_o , so..if i wanna make it spurt out,(just to confirm) do i have to
1)not jack for a week
2) drink ALOT of water
3)get aroused for 2hours++
??????????????????????? O_O ????????????????????????
and urm, out of curiousity, why do some ppl's cum 'shoots' out while some like me dribbles? 0_o
Again, sorry if i wrote anything offensive here >.<

OH YEA i forgot to ask this,
i heard of ppl using precum as a lubricant
how is that possible? O_O (pardon me)
i thought precum is usually very little in amount and the penis would
absorb it? O_O
also i read that cum is delish.O_O
is that right? =X

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