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Default Re: 3 British soldiers die in American friendly fire incident

First of all you've obviously never seen a Sea's very big....every single limb has to move independently from one another at all times inorder to maintain control, i'm not talking about a lil R22

ahhh so the british sends 14yr old kids into war zones flying fighter jets.....?

I'm not saying the british have a shitty millitary on the contrary I like it quite a bit
and i'm not saying what happened was in any way shape or form there fault
it was an ACCIDENT it was nobodys fault!

What I'm saying is they don't train reserves to FLY fighter jets
you dont hand over a million dollar piece of equipment to a reserve
its simply not worth the cost of training the reserve nor is it as reliable
If your a fighter pilot your IN the air force full time

I love how you guys started slamming America's military when they have one of the largest, most advanced and well funded armed forces on the planet
and yet I'm the idiot

As for the last part never threaten unless you can follow through...makes you look weak


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