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I believe in God but honestly can't stand the majority of religion. God is very personal to me, whereas religion tends to try and make it a community thing. I was raised in Catholic schools but wasn't religious at all, didn't even pray until my brother joined the army, got sent off and my other brother got sent to Juvee. I've never felt more helpless and praying kind of gave me a sense of comfort, I've come to realize I look for four things in God.


I found these by simply putting by hands together and saying "Please God, protect my brothers." as a helpless twelve year old and my love of the personal relationship has grown since. I can honestly say praying relieves me at times when I feel I can't physically help a situation. I sleep better at night if I pray for whatever/whoever's on my mind beforehand.

On the other hand I feel that the fact that 'they' expect you to pour your heart out to some bloke for God's forgiveness is kinda utter bullshit. If I wanted forgiveness I'd pray for it, and if I can forgive myself I'll take it that God can forgive me too.

I'm not sure what faith I fit into, I see most religions as different peoples/cultures ways of connecting to God. Who knows what my specific faith/view is called or even if it has a name. I don't really give a fuck to be honest. To each his own.
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