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Angry extreme anger {long read}

Over the past year i have entered this state where everything just irratates me.The minute i wake up in the morning the slightest thing such as repeating myself to someone starts the anger off,if something is uncomfortable such as the temperature ill be made for the rest of the day and when someone asks me a question i am always pissed off by it even when its a simple question such as whats on tv?Im usually a happy and funny person but things having been changing lately.Sometimes i get destructive when im mad and end up punching things and breaking them of slamming my hand into the light switch and breaking it in half.My parents wouldnt understand if i told them and would probably laugh at me even though we are very close they arent the kinda people you know? The problem is school is starting soon and every year i get someone who trys to pick a fight with me even though i have lots of friends im not fat.nerdy or the kinda person that looks like someone who would get bugged when when it starts i just gnore them maybe argue with them for a while but in the end i aways end up beating the shit ouuta them and im afraid im going to actually hurt someone this time......... someone please help!
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