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Default Re: Final Flight: A Tale of Courage and Sacrifice

My story is crap!!!

Nah... I know the story ended way too fast, but I had to limit it's length for my assignment (I hate it when they put restrictions on creativity). Otherwise I would have used MUCH more detailed descriptions, as well as fleshing out the characters. Also, the ending would not have been soo abrupt (and no I wasn't sick of it to wrap it up, I was just getting into it actually . Stupid school!!). However, I have alot to learn yet. Guess I just have to keep writing to get better and better!

Oh, about my name. Formosa is actually the former name for Taiwan (untill the island was renamed after World War 2) and is actually an EXTREMELY common Portugese name (which is weird since I have no Portugese relatives anywhere in my family tree ) . If anyone tried to find me, they'd have to sift through hundreds of thousands of Formosa's! Especially in Brazil; I hear it's a real popular name there (Geez my heritage is all over the place ).
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