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Default Universe, how it'll end!

I know I'm a new member, but still take this question seriously...

By physical law, the universe is bound to exist forever and expand at an infintely large amount. This bring up the chaos era... In about 2,700,000,000 more years, every sun would've gone out in a huge nova/super nova (including stars) while every planet would be desicrated and have now existing life. Once again, by the law of physics, most of the remaining objects would eventually be thrown into black holes which will colide with other blacks holes, making huge Kerr black holes (a black hole that seemingly rotates in every direction possible at every moment faster than light.)
There would be many Kerr black holes and normal black holes in general in the era of chaos, and dark energy (anti-energy) will pull the black holes further away and they will never meet up! We know that dark energy does exist because if it didn't, the universe's gravity would've already started the expansion to collapse in on itself, thus meaning dark energy MUST exist (79% of the universe is dark enery, 11% is energy, 9% is dark matter, and only 1% of the universe as we know it is actual matter!) Now heres the dilima... There are several theories to what will then happen.

1. The universe will NOT always exist... The Omega Point (the combination of all black holes and ending of the universe's matter and energy) will happen, opening a new universe to a whole new big bang.

2. The universe will indeed live on, further than the chaos era, into nothingness where only heaven and hell will be apparent.

3. We won't even make it to the chaos era! Exotic matter will create a singularity outside of an event horizon and all logic will be distorted as the universe curves infinitely to doom.

4. More.... but to little space do continue!

What do u all think will happen?

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