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Default Re: 3 British soldiers die in American friendly fire incident

Originally Posted by Crazysam View Post
So may i suggest that you actually start to teach your marines how to line thier sights.
Like I'm sure the United States Marines is going to take advice from a little 14 year old boy. You don't know everything and just because you make accusations with no backing doesn't necessarily mean they're true.

So if I take your word that this happened 4 times and you claim that is such a high number for 'one war' as you suprisingly put it, you realize that this war has been going on since 2001? Nearly 6 years? Are you aware that accidents do happen in wars althroughout history? Yes even you almightly Brits have! Of course you don't because you're only 14 and only just started paying attention to more than just what's on the Disney channnel and Nickelodeon.

There are way more Americans than there British in Iraq/Afghanistan so the chances of a Brittish friendly firing is much less. Also the Americans are the lead supplier in military forces and supplies so there isn't much oppurtunity for the British.

In war there are so many factors and pressures that go on that you can only dream of. It's a life and death situation constantly 24/7 and there isn't a lot of time to rationally think out each action. Also, equipment can be faulty and you're under a lot of pressure not to screw up but it happens.

It's a harsh circumstance to be under and you make it seem as if a bunch of Americans are constantly goofing off like a bunch of idiots who were just given a gun or a F-15. That is not the case. The United States Marines is the toughest branch of the military to get in. A lot of those don't get passed training and the ones who do make it and graduate are among the most skilled soilders. But this isn't about the Marines, yet proves your ignorance.

well it is true, what would happen if it was a british fighter that dropped a bomb on the americans? how much controversy would that bring?
Oh yeah because a few dead Brittish soliders versus a bomb killing up to hundreds and possibly injuring thousands is a very good comparision. I can care less about 'what ifs' because they don't say anything and are only a desperate attempt to discredit someone or something rather than provide facts in *likely* circumstances.

As for your territorial army, have they been to Iraq/Afghanistan and been under similar circumstances and pressures? No? Well I don't care then because it's not a fair comparison.
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