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Default Re: A Bit of Assistance Please

Originally Posted by Unknown_User_11 View Post
so here is the thing.
my elder brother is bisexual.
and ever since he came out last year everyone keeps asking me if i am gay or bi myself. and then there are others who just say im gay for the hell of it.
i am a teenager way to busy and confused to work out my sexuality and im over trying to defend myself from shit and am not gonna defend myself cuz i dont go around hookin up and sleepin with everybody else my age.

my question is, if my bro is bi does that mean i am?

also got any good lines for tellin ppl to fuck off wen they ask if ur gay?
just because your brother is gay it doesn't mean you are so don't worry if anyone says it is just tell them its bullshit. what ever happens don't blame your brother for this its not his fault...

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