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Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
I completely disagree that the male g-spot is the penis. The G-spot it characterised by being inside the body and inaccessable without penetration. So let's say the penis is the clit...the vagina contains the G-spot so the mirror (close enough) would be the prostate, inside the anus.

And if you look up male G-spot on Google, you can tell that the prostate is most often refered to as 'the male G-spot'
No offense IAMSAM, but I suggest that you put more lines preceeding your words such as "In my opinion" or "I think that"

That's what I do and I can get away with things a lot easier that way, whether or not I am right
Well, I certainly wouldn't want to get away with anything, nor would I want to mislead anyone, but maybe that's why I don't rely on 'Google' (or Wikipedia, for that matter) for my info!

If you're talking about the most erotically sensitive part of the male body, it's the penis, hands down (no pun intended!). The prostate is merely an accessory organ that provides fluid, and owing to it's role, can produce some pleasurable sensation when massaged for some. But so does the anus, more accessible, and I don't think anyone would actually call that the 'G Spot'. Because something might feel good for some people doesn't mean it's the 'Nirvana' spot on all guys, and I don't think it should be encouraged to go digging around for it, either. Sometimes the answer to the question is really the most obvious.

If you doubt this, consider the evolutionary importance of 'pleasure', as it provides more of a guarantee of perpetuation of the species. Those that feel it more intensely (and easily) would have more sex, thereby having more offspring with their genes. What value would deep anal massaging, necessary for prostate stimulation have?

If you're still doubting, ask your doctor next time what the most erotically sensitive part of your body is. Until then, remember to read every account, no matter how juicy, with a scientifically critical eye.
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