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Originally Posted by EmotionalMeltdown09 View Post
You don't sound stupid at all- it's completely understandable. Most of us know what it's like to be so close to someone you want to be with so badly, but have to watch them go around with other people you know won't treat them as well as you could.

I think your best bet would to stay friends with her if you can. I know she'll appreciate your friendship in the long run, and I'm willing to bet you'd rather have a friendship with her, than nothing at all. If that's not the case and it really tears you apart being near her, maybe you should just tell her you need to spend some time away from her. I know from experience how unhealthy it is to try and force a relationship to work that you know isn't going to. So you have to judge- can you remain her friend and be there for her when she needs you? Or do you need to move on?
Very good Val! I completely agree with this. I would feel bad too, because it does sorta feel like you're betrayed, because you had these plans and now she just decided put a stop to those. I would feel sorta empty too. But remember that it's nothing to get incredibly depressed have your whole life to find somebody new, and things like this happen in relationships. It's all just natural, so don't worry about it man

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