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Default Re: Embarrassing OCD Habits

Used to hate it when anyone (including my own self) touched my face during the day time and the only time I could touch my face was when I woke up in the morning and went to bed because I had to put moisturizer on it. I was terrified of blemishes and had really dry skin which gave me rashes sometimes and thought that if anyone's germs or germs on my hand from that day got on my face it would make it worse.

In grade 9 when I started learning how to type in my computer class, I got this thing where I would talk in real life and then I would type it in my head. I would see the computer screen in my head and it would be typing it out. That includes everything, even when I was just thinking to myself.

Hate it when things are surrounding me in the washroom, if lets say I'm using the toilet I can't have anything around me.. No garbage can.. No toilet paper within a certain distance of me or towels on the floor or magazines etc. or else I feel like I'm suffocating. I always hated going to the washroom. To add to that I always have to look behind me when I'm sitting on the toilet before I use it around 3 times because I'm scared that something is in the toilet and waiting for me when Im not looking.

The spirit is very fluid.. It never stays the same, it shapes and forms and even as it departs is given vessel it is overcome with obstacles and boundaries to push and pull its ever changing form.
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