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My first tip is to take a shower every day in the morning and use soap to wash your entire body. My second tip is if you do any sweating (being outside, playing sports etc) during the day, take a rinse-off with no soap in the evening a few hours before you go to bed.

Rubbing alcohol is different from alcohol that you drink. I believe you can buy rubbing alcohol as a minor, and when you apply a bit on cotton balls and rub them on your face, it gets rid of the oil on your face/back/chest so it's harder to develop zits and acne.

Make sure that your face is neither dry or oily and you don't touch your face constantly during the day. That can prevent germs from getting on your face. If your skin is dry, apply a small amount of hand lotion. If your skin is oily, use alcohol. Don't use alcohol constantly, because it can severely dry out the skin.

You can buy a daily face wash tube (try Clearasil) and use that during your morning helps!
You can ask a dermatologist for more info.

I also wrote a little tip thing, which you can find under General Questions in this link

Good luck!
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