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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

It depends, are you doing it to cause intentional harm to yourself or is it harming you in anyway?

Hi Kaioen, I guess its only harming me b/c its a last ditch effort to avoid pain instead of cutting, but it isn't a bonified coping mechanism you know? like I wouldn't tell my therapist I'm stealing my bf's meds-(actually my boyfriend is pretty out of it and he doesnt use all his meds so he doesnt even notice or know either), so I guess I just feel guilty cause I know it isnt helping me learn to cope and I shouldnt go around stealing other people's drugs even if it is just a little. Im not trying to harm myself and what i said above is how it is harming me, but like i said too it is the only thing that numbs the pain and helps me sleep. oy veh. Thanks for your response
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