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Question old boyfriend.

so this guy i know.we went out before in like november and i have still liked him ever since and i went out with a couple guys while i still liked him (i thought it would get my mined off him) but it didn't help.And my friend thinks he likes me but i really think he doesnt i mean i think he totally regrets going out with me completly.She thinks he likes me because before we went out and he liked me in november he would walk by and just stare at me and then i would see him and he would smile. and he does that now and then me and my friend saw him and he was at the public pool and we were outside of the gate and he saw us and he saw me and then he smiled and hes like to his friend (another one of my exs) im gunna go talk to emily,and then he came out , but he was like hold on i have to change. go wait on the hill i need to tell you something so my friend pulled me and we sat on the hill and he was coming out and he saw girls that he new and we couldnt hear what they were saying but i could see them and it looked ALOT like he was flirting with them and they were flirting back , so i told him it looked like he was flirting and then he was like i was not. theres only one girl i like to flirt with and then he smiled and i was like who. and hes like ohh just some girl.but the reason i think he doesnt like me is beacuse hes friend thats my ex, i wrote a post about this guy called i need to dump him. but anyway jake (friend and ex) came and he was REALLY shy around me and my friend kelly was like jake why are you shy around emily. and hes like i unno. and then matt (guy i like) was like to jake well you dont have to be shy around her shes your ex she talks to all her exs then me and matt looked at eachother and he was like well lets not be reminded of that and i was like ohh yeahh. (trying to sound like i dont like him)


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