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Default Re: When was your first relationship?

Originally Posted by boognish View Post
i actually had my first relationship when i was 5. she was 5 and you might say that thats not a relationship thats just little kids holding hands. except this little kids holding hands thing lasted 5 years until very sad circumstances forced us to seperate (i moved to maryland her wisconsin). i shared my first kiss with her. also since we were only 5-10 at the time, i have some funny storyies about our kid logic and knowledge. for example we thought it was illegal to date, as in go out to dinner and movie, until you are 15, i remember the day when we were leaning over a fence talking about this and promising the first person we would go out with was eachother. also we thought that you werent alowed to have sex until you were 17. i again remember the day we made that pact. i loved her and she loved me. and to this day i miss her at times.
aaawwwwwwww *sniff sniff*

My first relationship was when i was acutlly 10 and untill i was almost 13 but she had to move to california
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