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Default Re: I need to tell someone

Originally Posted by dmaready View Post
I want to get this off my chest. And see what other people think. Ok here goes. I'm the nice guy. I'll be turning 17 in a week and I've never had a girlfriend. There is only one girl that I like enough to ask out. We are best friends and I love spending time with her. The only thing that erks me is that I'm the friend that she tells who she likes and what guys she thinks are "hot". Well one night, before leaving her house (I often visit and we talk/browse the internet together) she asked if she could tell me a secret. So naturally I said sure. I would keep anything she told me secret. (Of course you all do not know what my name is or what her name is so this does not count) She had dated this guy a while back and he now lived in a different state. He came down to visit that week and they where hanging out a lot. I was sorta jealous. Well she told me, "I had sex on this bed" Implying the bed we were sitting on. (Her bed takes up most of her room) I just said Oh. And said I had to go an went out the door. On the way home by bike I was depressed. Am I wrong for being so. It's not like she is "my girl" or I wanted to be her first or anything. I just felt bad. That night I couldn't sleep. And around 2 in the morning I sent her a Myspace message telling her how I didn't need to know that and that I liked her all along. Basically confessing everything to her. (I think she knew I liked her) When I awoke the next morning I had a text on my phone saying "I'm so sorry". I checked my Myspace immediately and found her reply. She said that she only sees me as a friend and that's all I will ever be. She offered to not mention which guys she thinks is cute around me anymore. I don't know what to think. She is the only girl in my school that I like, and I will never be able to be with her. Well from my perspective I sound stupid, and selfish. I need someone else's opinion. So if you took the time to read my story thank you. Tell me what you think or any advise.
Ok first of all calm down and don't worry by the way you have written so many words and gone into so much detail I can see this is a big issue for you.

First off, there is nothing wrong with the fact that you went out of the house as she scared you off by practically coming on to you. She should have known that you area virgin and she should bee sensitive around such subjects. The fact you fancy her makes no difference in this.

It was good of you to email her to tell her how you feel its good she knows now. For all you know she might feel the same about you?

What i would do is ask her out (not as a date) but to get a cup of coffee in a cafe some time next week and just talk about what you have said and hopefully you can decide both in a sensible fashion what you will do.
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