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Default Re: I need to tell someone

This was my original message to her:
ok.. ive got to get this off my chest or im going to go crazy the only reason im doing this over myspace is because if i attempted to tell you this in person i would not be able to get it out hell i can barely type it from shaking so bad youve most likely known this for some time but the truth i like you there i said it ive liked you since i meet you but these past couple of weeks i just cant keep you off my mind you know when i said i keep all my emotions bottled up inside well the bottle just broke ive never been depressed before but now i am tell you the truth it feels kinda weird ive never asked you out because i knew you would say no and i am afraid that that would have ruined our friendship another reason is that my self esteem isnt that high and i really dont think that i deserve a girl like you god idk where im going with this i just needed to get all this off my chest and i cant help but feel a little jealous of your every bf i dont know what to think ... im just typing thoughts as they come up i think it was the whole sex thing that pushed me over the edge i really wish you would not have told me that ... now i cant stop thinking about it well its been about an hour since ive started this msg now im arguing with myself to send it or not i dont want it to be awkward between us but like i said before i had to get this off my chest it was eating me alive anyway im going to keep out of contact with you till i get a reply ..... just uhhh let me know what you think i guess

(Sorry for the terrible grammar. I had tears in my eyes and I was kinda flustered.)

Her Reply:
Aw Danny I'm so sorry, I really shouldnt have told you that. I actually really didnt know. I'm sorry but I like you to much as a friend to be anything more. And its not going to be akward unless you make it that way. I'm sorry this has made you depressed, your my best friend and I dont want to see or hear you that way. I'll just stop talking about Erik too. I'm so sorry Danny

Thought that might give you guys a better idea.
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