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Default Insomnia

I think i have insomnia i have trouble getting to sleep and i have been pretty depressed and stressed lately, and when i do sleep its only for short periods. I have also developed over the past few months sleep talking alot more, people can ask me questions in my sleep and i will answer which i never used to do i only used to say small things. i havent slept proberly for a few days now so maybe thats not a enough to diagnosis me with insomnia. Over the 48 hours i have had about five hours sleep and i feel really awake and alert but at the same time when i close my eyes i feel like falling asleep but i have trouble reaching sleep, i spend hours in this state my eyes closed trying to get to sleep. I think i have history of insomnia in my family my dad never really sleeps and only for short ammount of time (less than what you need to stay healthy) he is always up in the night, but he has never been told he has insomnia because he has never seen someone about it.
What should i do about this?

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