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Default Re: Grow, darn you! Grow!

Originally Posted by Twilight Defender View Post
So yeah, I have a problem here. I'm 15, and my penis isn't quite up-to-snuff.

It's about 5 inches in length, which is good for a person not done with puberty I guess, but it's not even an inch in girth. I mean, the girth could be a lot bigger. So, when is this thing gonna grow? Is it gonna grow bigger than 6 inches and at least an inch in girth?

Also, I'm a pretty big masturbation fan, and my cum frequency is all over the place. Some days when I do it more than once, I hardly cum at all. But when I don't do it for a few days I shoot really far. What's with that?
Originally Posted by trigger View Post
are you sure you measured the girth correctly? if its only that size, your penis would be as thick as a drinking straw.
Dont worry lol you perfectly normal ^^
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