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Default Re: 10 advantages of ADD

Originally Posted by Elscire View Post
one of my friends at school said, "you're just too lazy to listen or you just don't want to listen" for ADD
Originally Posted by View Post
I get all good grades and im pretty sure i have add, people think if you have ad(h)d you are stupid
Lol i dont have ADD but i still have some of the signs of it ^^ to lazy to hear what the teacher is saying
1. Highly Creative-i can make something outa nothing
2. Quick Learner-i guess i just have beginners luck at everything, but then it dispears after awhile
3. Stimulus Seeking Brain-i like to ask random questions out of no where
4. Constantly Scanning your Environment-i notice things people didnt even realize were there
And yet I still get A's & B's in school^^ this is also like that south park episode about everyone taking those ADD pills.
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