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Default Re: men shaving legs

Two things here. First, I have to tell you that little thingy you've got telling me you're going to hack my PC ofends my sensibilities, so I have to say this: Although I'm not in charge, I'd personally like you to get rid of it. We're a friendly place, threats (joking or not) won't get you very far. I do, however, like the idea of showing people their ISP when they register as a way of thwarting pedos and the like from hanging out here.

ok, to answer your Q, I do not think you should shave your legs. Hairs on your legs are a part of being a guy, and I think it's better to get used to it, even if you're a bit self conscious about it. I'm assuming the hairs are not the result of a weird medical condition, that you don't look like a neanderthal or anything. And unlike girls who shave, it's not a typical cultural custom for guys to shave their legs. It's a temporary solution to a life long issue, and it only looks good until the stubble grows back.

There's alot that changes during puberty, alot of it uncomfortable. Those who master it seem to do so by dealing with it directly, rather than looking for ways out of it, especially when those ways might make you even more different than you might now feel.
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