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Default it happened!

what i thought might happen has!

i hardly cut for 3 months, and any cuts were no where as bad as normal ,and not as ofen becuase i was going on holiday and i didn't want people seeing cut and scars and my parents finding out because they still don't know . so i let the scars fade and stuff.not all the scars faded before i went on holiday and i think my mum and dad have seen but don't know how to deal with it becuase were not close at all we don't really take about anything, and if we do talk it will be like grades and getting a job and i got a stupid tan too because i sunbathed all holiday with my arms bent in a werid way so that to hid them as best as i could

anyway too the point now i'm back and i can hide the cuts and scars again i've started cutting like my life depends on it, i really thought i was making progress but i guess it was just the through of getting found out that held off the cutting for a while. it's kinda been a huge set back and now i just think what the hell it doesn't matter anymore and i'm scared it's going to get out of control now because nothings hold me back.
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