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ok my first post allright just to give yall some info on me
i am 13 years old and 4 months
i am 5"2
my dad is 6"2.5
and my mom is 5"2
i have such broad shoulders i wear an adults medium but there so small on my shoulders i have to cut the sleeves off of them.
my tallest blood realted realtive is my dads cousin who is 6"11
i take after my dad you can take a picture of him when he was 13 and put it next to my picture and you cant tell who is who

Now my question is i just went to the doctor to get a phyiscal and he measured me and i was 5"2 then he took a chart and said i am goin to be 5"10he did'nt ask any questions or notin i thought well thats kinda dumb cause my dads 6"2 and nobody on my dads side of the family has been under 6"0 since my great great great granpa who was 5"11 but about 2 months ago i went to a pedeatrion and he asked questions toke a blood test and more and said i was goin to be anywhere from 6"1 to 6"5 so who do i believe my doctor or the pedeatrion
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