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i'm going to assume the position of VT's Election Reporter, cos i seem to know everything on this election!!

at the time of the announcement of the election, the parliament stood like this:

Labour (Tony Blair) 409 MPs.

Conservatives (Michael Howard) 162 MPs.

Liberal Democrats (Charles Kennedy) 55.

Other parties 33 MPs. (These include SNP, Plaid Cymru, DUP, UUP, Sinn Fein ect)

So the House of Commons had a total of 659 MPs.

and looked like this:

Red- Labour, Blue- Torys, Orange- Lib Dems, Grey Others
(image from sky news)

according to my prediction, i believe and know, that Lab will loose a few seats but wont loose power. However, the Torys are looking to loose some them selves, although there is talk of them closing the gap and thus winning the election.

the sets that the Torys and Labour are set to loose, are most likly going to be given to the Lib Dems, whos popularity have grown for their anti-war policy and the abolishment of college fees.

the lib dems however, could never get into power by them selves for the fact the are too small. when we see the time for them to get into power, will be when they are the offical opposition. which doesnt look likly at the present time.

tony blair will probley remain as PM, but you have to remember that over the war in iraq and all. Tony Blair is just a superier member of the Labour party. The other 408 MP's are mostly working on behalf of their local community who voted for them. And as far as i know, the labour MP's do a good job in their areas, and thus they wont loose power. So everyone may hate Tony Blair, but they like the other members. So Tony Blair will most likly get elected in Segefield (his area), and then remain as leader (unless he resignes). With that the adding numbers of Labour MP's, tony blair will just have to sit back and wait to see if the labour party get the majority. and if they do, he is back as PM.

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