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Default What is your definition of feelings?'s definition of feelings: the general state of consciousness considered independently of particular sensations, thoughts, etc.

My Definition of feelings: variety of forces which cause one's actions

Well my relationship which I thought was going to last for a very long time ended about a week ago and I'm just sorting out thoughts lately. The last year and a half have been the best in my life...such a shame it's over now So like the title saids, what is your definition of feelings? I'm asking this because this is how my relationship ended...we were doing absolutely PERFECT and there was no end in sight until my girlfriend left for China for summer vacation. She said that her feelings for me disappeared while she was in China. I think it's because we were apart for too long and she's not used to those feelings yet. Or it could be because I've made so much of her happiness caused by me that she didn't have a lot of independent happiness to herself and when she finally went on vacation the feeling of independent happiness must of overwhelmed her feelings of happiness with me and than she lost her feelings. We are now friends (I'm still in love with her though and she knows that) so I'm just waiting until she's ready to love again. She saids that she doesn't feel like having a boyfriend now but she said she will again someday. I just hope she'll want me to be her boyfriend again when she wants a boyfriend again. Well your opinions on our relationship/situation and some more reasons as to how someone can lose feelings of love all of a sudden will be greatly appreciated
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