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Default Need some advice...

Hi, I was wondering if i could get help on this girl issue im having.

I have known this girl for alot of years now and we have been really close best friends. And I have always really cared about her alot, and now we are teens I am beggining to like her alot. I always go outa my way and do stuff for her and we get along great but... Like when we hang out wwe are just so good together and laugh and all, then like i text her =and have a good convo. However like it seems that I always Im her when she comes on and stuff and text her everyday cause i lvoe talking to her. But sometimes she will talk with me and have a great convo, and other times it feels like im talking to a brick wall, and feels like im annoying her by always iming her and texxting, but its just cause i love talking to her. And i think she isnt attracted to me, she views me as a friend cause we have been great friends for a long time. BUt how can i tell if im like annoying her, should i not show concern like texting her all the time asking how her day was?
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