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Default Re: 8th grade showers

Originally Posted by Cristian0007 View Post
The sad part is he is going to be checking that we do shower he says that if we don't shower and were in puberty we are going to stink up the place

Gym teachers, bleech. You have 2 choices here. First, tell your folks he's threatened you with flunking if you don't shower. There's no law that you have to shower to pass PE. It's not a legit requirement. You have to show up, suit up, and do those silly exercises and play some ball. But not shower. Smelling good (or bad) isn't a requirement. Hygiene is a personal choice.

I'm not sure why you're so uncomfortable showering in front of others your age, i suspect they're all about your *size*, anyway, but if it' sintolerable, I don't believe they can force you into it.

Or, you can wait and see what happens on the day of PE. Somehow, i doubt that he'll be standing there, checking with his little book to see if everyone has taken a shower. It looks weird for him to do that (which I think he knows), and frankly I think he'll have better things to do. Most likely, he'll yell "Showers!" and turn them on. And leave it up to everyone.

You can wait and see what happens, or you can tell your folks that you're nervous about this and see it as an invasion of your privacy. Really, they'll know what to do.
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