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Default Re: Embarrassing OCD Habits


- The spines of my books must be neatly and evenly lined up next to one another.
- When I'm about to take a dump I throw in a piece of toiletpaper first.
- I just discovered that when I'm about to pour sauce on my food, I'll pour three times, but on the third pour, I'll only pour a little bit, and then put the spoon back into the container.
- I get very uncomfortable when using the regular Minecraft texture pack, because it's so not symmetric, so I use the oCd pack instead lol
- Also if I see something being just half an inch out of place, I'll adjust it until I'm comfortable.
- Whenever I say or think something like "I won't ever crash a car" or "of course the aeroplane won't crash". I'll think to myself "7-9-13" and knock on something simultaneously to prevent it from actually happening.
Former habits:
- Whenever I went to bed, I'd think that I only had five seconds, from turning on the lights until being under the my bed sheet. Otherwise something bad would happen.
- I'd always make sure that NOONE would be able to look into my room from outside, meaning that I'd sometimes put something heavy on my curtain, to keep it in place.

My name is Thomas! I'm 16, and I live in Denmark.!
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