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Default Should I keep taking the meds?

Ok. My shrink just put me on 30mg of Vyvanse (new drug, think Adderall) to be doubled after a week to 60mg for ADD. It's more of an experiment to see if I have ADD or not. It worked, and made me more focused -- I was able to finish up my summer assignments without my mind wandering -- and it also completely killed my social anxiety. Yesterday at freshman orientation, I was a lot less anxious about what strangers thought of me, and I was much more outgoing, but I also noticed that my heart was racing and i was talking really, really fast. Of course, I normally talk really fast, but this was a step up even for me. My biggest concern was that it made it impossible for me to fall asleep until like 4 in the morning, and after I had worked all summer to get my sleep schedule on track. I read on the website that trouble falling asleep is a common side effect, and wanes over time, but with school starting on Monday, I'm not sure if I should keep taking it. I'm also on 10mg Lexapro daily for depression. I have an appointment in 3 weeks with my shrink to see how it's working.

Should I keep taking the meds?


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